The Creation of Man

Just writing the title for this Blog stirred in me all the scientific hub bub I have heard thru the years about how man came into being.  From the Big Bang creating the earth and seeding the planet for life, from fish leaving the water to live on dry land, to alien beings experimenting with animals to create a race of slave laborers.  I have heard quite a bit!  And I believe none of it.

It isn’t that I am just closed minded.  I look and listen to the other theories and there are just so many things that don’t have answers in order for me to believe it.  For example, how many fish have you seen in your lifetime that suddenly decide that it is time to stop swimming and crawl or swim up to shore, take a deep breathe of that rich oxygen atmosphere and begin a new life?  I am 51 years old and haven’t seen it happen in my lifetime.

Besides, if the fish did decide to do that, and if it were even possible for them to breath until their little fish lungs evolved to accept oxygenated air, how would they have procreated?  Did their entire body suddenly morph into the bodies we have today? Not likely, in fact, not even possible.  The human body is so complex in each and every area that we have doctors who specialize in one particular area and still say they don’t know about some things.  And take the issue of human procreation.  Do you know how many things have to go right and match up exactly in order for a child to come into existence?  In fact, it is surprising there are not more miscarriages.  If you ever really studied how life forms, it would change you evolutionary view forever.  Everything works together in such a way that there had to be order to the design.  The only way to have order is to have someone put things in order – a Creator.

So in Genesis Chapter 1 verses 26-31, we see God’s creation of man.

Michelangelo – The Creation of Adam – Sistine Chapel


I want to focus on the first thirteen words in verse 26.  ‘Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, …”   Do you remember one of my earlier blogs when I wrote about Genesis Chapter 1 verse 3?  If not, I focused on the first three words, “And God Said….”  We know from that verse that God was speaking to be heard by someone.  He was not alone.  And here we see God saying, “Let US, make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness…”

Most scholars believe this is an indication of the Trinity being present at Creation.  Do you notice the template that God uses for His creation of man?  –   “OUR image, OUR likeness.”

You are the descendent of the first man, Adam, who was created as a replication of God’s image and God’s likeness.  In fact, you are a replication of that same image and same likeness.  So what is the “image”?  What is the “likeness” ? Many believe this  means that man possesses the elements of personality similar to those of God, such as thinking, feeling, and having a will, and that man has a moral nature, and is made up of a body, soul, and spirit.  Others believe that is refers to the physical attributes of man.  I think it is a combination of both.  But is this really a point of debate? Whatever God’s image and likeness is, is better than anything I could imagine or create on my own.

It doesn’t really matter to me which is actually correct, or if either are correct.  I am not sure in our finite minds that we can even understand the wisdom that had to go into the creation of man with all his intricate parts, both physically and mentally. I know that there is not one person, living or dead, that can take dust from the ground and created a living being.  We can take from a living being and create another living being, but we cannot take from the non living and create the living. The fact that is important to me is that I was created, in some form, from the template of a Holy God and that He caused me to come into being and breathed the breath of life into me as Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 states, “the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, AND man became a living being.”

This conjures up an image in my mind of doing CPR on someone who is non responsive and not breathing on their own.  You use your breathe to circulate and oxygenate their lungs.  You are helping to keep them alive.  But God’s breathe created the life.  It brought it to life.  And that is an awesome thought!

I will leave you with a little joke I heard once that puts things into perspective for me.

So man, in his arrogance, decided to challenge God because man did not believe that God could create a better human than him.  So they both decided to start from scratch and create the “perfect” man.  So God reached down and grabbed some dirt from the ground and man began to gather some dirt from the ground.  Then God said, “Wait a moment.  Go create your own dirt first!”

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