Water cannot make all things clean

I sometimes imagine what it must have been like to be aboard the ark. To see and to hear the raging waters all around me, and to know that the only thing separating me from being consumed by the water was the boat I was on. I would have been thinking about every board that was put together to make the boat. And I would be reviewing, in my mind, if I had put enough pitch on it to keep the water out!

But, if I were Noah, I would have been thinking that when it was all said and done, my family and I would have been the only survivors of the human race. I would have been thinking that we would be the ones that future generations would look to for guidance and wisdom, that we would not be like the others – the ones that had perished in this terrible flood that God had to bring about because of their wickedness.

Soon after Noah and his family left the ark, and they were given the blessing by God to “be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth”, it became apparent that sin was still present. Sin would always be present. A flood could not wipe that away.

13BAA876-32A0-44A2-9DE3-842552CB8270Because, there came a time after Noah had planted a vineyard that he made himself some wine. Now if you have ever planted a grape vine, you know they don’t produce in abundance right away. So the fact that he made wine and made enough wine to become drunk indicates that several seasons had come and gone, probably about three to four years or so. And while Noah was drunk one day, his son, Canaan, walked into the tent and saw his father passed out and naked. I always stop here and think about this tent. Was it Noah’s personal residence, or was it a community type tent? I think if it were his personal residence then it is like someone walking into your home and finding you laying on your couch drunk and naked. What would give them the right to just waltz into your home? Again, if it was his personal tent, wouldn’t his wife had covered him if she were there? In fact, the Bible never mentions his wife again. Maybe she died? Maybe that is why he was drunk? Also, the Bible tells us that the other two brothers were outside. So were they all looking for their father and then Canaan decided to go in to the tent and see if Noah was “home”? Regardless, Noah was drunk, and Noah was naked.

When Canaan found his father in that condition he had no manners or respect for his father and left him in that state of condition and walked outside to tell his brothers. In other words, to make fun of him. But we see the brothers are so bothered when they hear of their father’s nakedness, that they take a garment, lay it across both of their shoulders and walk in backwards, so as not to look upon their father’s nakedness. They had respect for their father. And when Noah awoke from his drunken stupor, he “found out what his youngest son had done to him…” he was very angry, and he cursed Canaan’s future existence.

The hopes that Noah had for a better population of people, than those that were destroyed by the flood, was not to be. The flood couldn’t do the job that needed to be done. There was a way, though, to accomplish what needed to be done. They just didn’t know it yet. And this story is another foreshadowing, to me, of the need for God’s solution to the problem of sin.

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Tammy Walls

I always have something stirring in my head and that is what this site is all about - expression of those thoughts through writing and videos for helping others. This website and my new book are a culmination of my personal dreams. Life is great and God is good!

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