A Chat with Mom

Welcome to our Chats !

In this section you will find short simple videos that address problems in life.  Real questions that I have been asked and answers from God’s Word.  They are designed to help you grow in your personal walk with Jesus Christ.

Please remember, if a particular topic does not currently apply to you, we encourage you to listen to it anyhow.  It could be that you may glean some information that will help you in the future or will help you to help a friend or family member.

A few of my recent videos are on the page below.

To watch the other videos, click on the You Tube link below and you will be taken directly to You Tube.  

You tube channel link: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmKI9OkY3dmG6qqHsVnfi7w

Are white lies as bad as a full blown lie?

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