If this is your first visit to Mary’s Fingerprint , I want to say WELCOME!  I am honored you are here!  

This website was named after my late mother, Mary. She was my inspiration, best friend, and hero.  I thought of the name, marysfingerprint, after a nurse, in the Intensive Care Unit, put my mother’s finger on an ink pad, pressed her fingerprint onto a piece of paper, and gave it to me.  It was intended to be transferred to a piece of remembrance jewelry, but it made me realize that the fingerprints we leave behind on other people’s lives never fade. And just as she touched my life in so many ways, through wisdom, love, and inspiration, my prayer is that through this website you will gain knowledge and inspiration and ultimately find Jesus Christ and make Him your Lord and Savior. 

My Blogs are designed to get you to look at the Bible in a whole different way – to dig a bit deeper. I had originally intended to just start at the beginning and go thru the Bible, but recently have decided that I am just going to write as the Lord leads me to. So, if there is ever any topic you that would like to know about, that I haven’t touched on, please contact me, and I would be more than happy to write about it.

In A Chat with Mom you will find short video chats, with warming wisdom and advice in a simple and loving manner,  just like Mom would give you.  Each topic will challenge you to think about different areas of your life and reach a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  You will be able to ask questions and suggest topics. There are only a few videos on that page, but there is a link that will take you to my You Tube channel, where you will find more.  New Chats will be added at least once per month.

Finally, you will find a link to my other site: tammywallsauthor.com. There you will find two fiction books that I have written as well as a link to my son’s book on spiritual warfare. You can also find information on my books on the home page, in the left side bar. You can get my first book for free on my website! Just click the link above.